Feedback for 2011 Conference

I had such a great time at the conference Thanks so much. It was useful beyond what I had imagined.
~ Vasu Mohan

I feel like I should sit down and write an old fashioned pen and paper thank you note on some nicely monogrammed stationary - the conference was THAT good. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and the amazing energy from the fellow participants and the luminaries. ~ Jen Runkle, PhD

A wonderful and deeply thought-provoking event! ~ John Hagel

The conference was thought-provoking and soul-nurturing and well worth traveling from Charlotte. 3 words: relevant + inspired + connected. Thank you! ~ Maia Williams ‎

I had such a terrific time! Thank you so much! I hope you felt the love! It was such a great conference…felt so cutting edge. ~ Kristy Simmons

The Creativity in Business conference was incredible, I'm still buzzing with inspiration. Kudos. ~ Patrick Ross

So well done, so meaningful, and so inspiring. What a wonderful, enlightening, inspiring day. Thank you for this conference!!! Fantastic job! ~ Jane Fisher

The conference was superb - I got some great ideas that I can use and met several people I plan to connect with. ~ Alan Stillman

Yesterday's Creativity in Business Conference was a wonderful, generative, and thought-provoking experience.
~ Halelly Azulay

Great day - a whole new group of creative, committed, interesting people to learn from. ~ Dave Witzel

The conference was a day for me to play and explore new processes while meeting other like-minds folks. I learned that when you combine the creative passion and enthusiasm of a group diverse individuals, you will see and feel magic happen. And that's what I'll reflect on as I continue to ponder the creative transformation that occurred within me. ~ Melanie Sklarz

What an awesome experience today!! I had such a blast. What a fab group of people. I learned so much! Basking in the afterglow...the power of experiential learning. Nothing like it. ~ Julie Gabrielli

So much great energy and an abundance of brilliant minds. Big ups for bringing us together so brilliance could be shared and epiphanies realized!  ~ Corey Michael Blake

My mind is still on fire after the Creativity in Business Conference! ~ Debbie Weil

A great success! The people who attended are stellar and I had great conversations. An exceptionally smooth event...everyone was pleased to be there. Congratulations. ~ Bev Hitchens

Thank you so much for creating a positive warm environment for all to learn. I really appreciate the soul you put into this event!!!!!!! ~ Jesse Thomas

It was a wonderful, very high quality conference. Thank you! ~ Kris Barney
A truly transforming conference. Reflecting on conversations from the conference, and things that have been happening in my life...thinking about the role that convergence plays in emergence. ~ Karl Hebenstreit

The Creativity in Business Conference was off the charts! Thank you so much! ~ Linda Cassell

Outstanding Creativity in Business conference! New concepts, great people, "connectworking" ~ Leilani Henry

It was such a great time. I'm still unpacking all that I learned. You did an amazing job. ~ Lauree Ostrofsky

It was so much fun. Thanks for the opportunity! ~ Vincent Guang Hu

Great job. Really interesting speakers...hard to choose which ones to go to. ~ Elizabeth Forbes Wallace

So glad I treated myself this conference. So much fun and met such great people. ~ Monisha Mittal

I met a lot of great people and gained amazing insights to help my students and clients do business in new, productive and profitable ways. ~ Larry LaRose

It was a great day. Thanks so much for all your effort and creativity. ~ Sally Strackbein

The conference was a fun, exciting, generous sharing of information and experiences. ~ Terry Nicholetti

In addition to new friendships, I had three major aha moments at the conference. ~ Allalie Killian

MAJOR many outstanding creative professionals! ~ Kira Campo

Absolute blast! Such an amazing cohort of speakers and learned tons in every session at the conference.
~ Michael Margolis

Great conference! Learned so much. ~ Alicia Korton

I had a terrific time…thanks! ~ Jay Rhoderick

Creativity in Business Conference rocked! ~ Shashi Bellamkonda

Great conference, thanks. ~ Sally Behnam

Pretty amazing day Learned a lot about movement and its relation to mind, body, heart. Levelled up on kinesthetic empathy. ~ Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang

Fantastic day at Creativity in Business Conference! Met amazing new people, great chats... ~ Bruce Waltuck

I had a very creative & inspiring experience! ~ Laurie Friedman 

What a magical day!…such an intelligent, intuitive and inventive conference. I'm grateful to you for, as the improv rule says, making everyone else look good. ~ Sean Kelly

It was very well done, and I loved the workshops. Got so much out of them.
~ Chris Conroy Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Admired the talented artist summarizing the conference panel themes (in real time). I appreciate time and energy and selections to create it. ~ John Curry

Thanks for a terrific event! ~ Peggy Holman

Thank you for a wonderful experience. What a joy to be in this community! ~ Thelar Pekar

Wanted to express my deepest thank you. I learned a lot about the human relationships / connections being made. Hope you do it again next year. ~ Dahyu Patel

What an amazing group of people you gathered - it was energizing as it was informative. It was a fantastic experience, and I applaud both your vision and your effort. Thank you! ~ Kristi Faulkner

Thank you. The conference was wonderful. ~ Mary Beall Adler

Kudos. Thanks for a great conference. A room of such energy!  So glad I went. ~ Lynne Feingold

Congrats on a wonderful event! Many of the improv exercises generate the sharp focus foundational in fulfilling delivery of a service-leadership-oriented organization. Sharing these exercises will bring a new level of life and commitment to peoples' business and personal visions. ~ Tom Acklin, MD

Had a wonderful time with that wonderful group you compiled. ~ Kat Koppett

Thank you...Glad to be a fiber in the fabric. ~ Jack Ricchiuto

Thank you for the excellent conference. ~ Kate Trystad

Creativity in Business Conference 2011

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