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Imagination Festival and Connectworking

“Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person’s mind, body, intelligence and creativity.”
~ Viola Spolin, orginator of modern improvisational theater

A feast for your imagination and your creative spirit!

Imagination, Play, and Improvisation be the main themes of the Festival. You can jump in. You can watch. You can be entertained (introverts, we got your back - no pressure) or you can join in and be the entertainment...or both. YOU choose your level and type of engagement. Anything is possible in the realm of the imagination. Come learn, discover and play in this fun forum facilitated by a gifted leaders of creative process and improvisation, as well as premiere improvisers themselves: Kat Koppett and Cathy Salit. Muscial accompaniment by Anthony Hyatt.

The Imagination Festival will be followed by Connectworking - space and time to connect with the presenters, the panelists and each other in a no-pressure, lively atmosphere as you enjoy savory hors d'oeuvres.

After the Festival, join us for dinner at Mie N Yu Restaurant - just one block away.
They are offering a 20% discount to all conference attendees.

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