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Peter LaMotte
- Social Media and Creativity Panelist - is President of GeniusRocket a creative agency based in Washington DC. First hired by GeniusRocket to run their marketing department, Peter eventually became President of the company at which point he changed the business model from a creative crowdsourcing company running video and design contests, to a creative agency powered by the creativity of vetted professional community. He came to GeniusRocket from Corporate Executive Board where he was with the Marketing Leadership Council and Customer Contact Council. He has worked in the sales and marketing divisions of IBM, Apple, and Intrepid Aviation. A sougt after presenter, Peter has spoke at national events such as Digital Hollywood and Social Meda Chicago, and will be speaking at TEDxDC this year.
He was recently recognized as a Tech Titan in Washingtonian magazine for his game-changing business model. @PeterLaMotte

Micheal Margolis - Presenter - President of Get Storied, teaches change-makers how to get others to believe in their story. The son of an inventor and artist, Michael is obsessed with how ideas socialize into culture. As the Dean of Story University, Michael teaches online courses including The New About Me: how to reinvent your bio as a story. Michael also curates the Reinvention Summit, a virtual conference on the future of storytelling with 37 speakers and 500+ participants in 2010. His work and ideas have been featured in Fast Company, BrandWeek, and Storytelling Magazine. Past clients range from Audubon, Omnicom, and Zappos.com. Michael’s book, Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators is available on Amazon.com, or for free as a digital download. Michael is left handed, color blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human. @getstoried

George Pór - Emergence and Cocreation Panelist - is co-founder of CommunityIntelligence Ltd, a London-based transformation agency, the hub of an international network of consultants collaborating on larger projects. George is a pioneer of using social media for developing such strategic organizational capabilities as collaborative work and learning. His specialty is advising leaders about communities of practice as untapped engines of value creation. He brought the concept of "communities of practice" to the European Commission and guided a 3-year project to develop such communities. George’s clients have included Canadian Imperial Bank, Copenhagen Institute for the Future, European Foundation for Mgnt Development, Ford, Greenpeace, Intel, H-P, Procter & Gamble, Swedish Organizational Learning Association and World Wildlife Foundation among others. George holds  Senior Research Fellow position at the University of Amsterdam Business School, and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Knowledge Management. @technoshaman


Jack Ricchiuto - Presenter; Emergence and Co-Creation Panelist  - is a collaboration designer, author, innovator and founder of Designing Life. He teaches groups and leaders how they can creatively organize themselves for success. He brings creative process and community building into strategic planning, project management, product development, start-up formation and organization restructuring. As 9-time author, Jack has been a journalist for business magazines and radio guest expert on his books that include Collaborative Creativity, Accidental Conversations, Project Zen, Appreciative Leadership, Conscious Becoming, and The Stories that Connect Us among others. His 10th book "The Joy of Thriving" is due in January. Jack has teaches leadership, storytelling, and organization development in universities, including Kent State's EMBA program, and corporations. Clients have included American Greetings, FedEx, DoD, US Cellular, Viacom, Ford, Moen, and the American Red Cross among others. @zenext


Robert Richman - Creative Leadership Panelist - is the Product Manager of Zappos Insights, the Zappos Family company dedicated to helping businesses with their cultures As an intrapreneur, Robert built the model from a proof of concept web site, to a thriving business helping over 1000 people every month. Business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs take Zappos Insights Training to discover how a workplace can help people grow, serve, innovate, and drive revenue. Previous to joining Zappos, Robert developed digital marketing strategies for brands including Tony Robbins, Sony, Billboard, and best-selling business authors. Robert co-founded the Affinity Lab, a collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs that continues to graduate over 150 businesses in Washington, DC. He is also a Georgetown-trained leadership coach, focused on company culture, and advises leaders how to create self-sustaining, creative cultures in their own organizations. @robertrichman


Cathy Rose Salit - Presenter - is CEO of Performance of a Lifetime (POAL), a theater-based executive education company in NYC that uses improvisation and performance methodology with leaders and teams in organizations. An accomplished singer, actress, director and improvisational comic, Cathy has spent her career as an educational pioneer and social entrepreneur, launching innovative, performance-oriented programs and businesses designed as centers for change, learning and growth. As CEO of POAL, she is a sought after designer, coach, facilitator and instructor – her global client roster includes Credit Suisse, Johns Hopkins Hospital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ), and the US Olympic Committee, to name a few. Cathy and POAL have been featured in many publications including The Journal of Excellence, Wired, Fast Company, Training and Development Magazine, and ABC, NBC and CNN. For the short video documentary of her work with oncology nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital click here

Carol Sanford - Presenter; Creative Work Cultures Panelist - has consulted for 3 decades to Fortune 500 companies globally (incl. DuPont, Colgate Europe Africa and Latin Am, and Intel), policy makers (such as British Columbia Premier), policy advisors, Arab nations, entrepreneurial start ups (such as Seventh Generation and hundreds of others) - inventing new ways to work holistically and systemically. She  authored hundreds of works, including her recent acclaimed book, The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success. Known for  breakthrough ideas, transformational initiatives and whole-brain approaches, her work has been featured in many publications (incl. HBR), on TV and radio business programs. Carol is one of the pioneers and practitioners of Living Systems/Whole Systems development in business and policy development. She leactures at universities incl. MIT Sloane, U Michigan, and U Washington among others, and serves as mentor/advisor to the Global Social Entrepreneur Competition at U. of Washington mentoring new businesses around the world www.CarolSanford.com  @carolsanford


Bill Smith, PhD - Presenter; Emergence and Co-Creation Panelist - President of ODII is an innovative thinker and practitioner in the field of leadership, organization and social development. He's developed new, creative approaches to organization for multinational corporations, governments, and villages all over the world. At Wharton Graduate School of Business, Bill discovered a natural organizing process that links purpose, power and action at any level, from individual to global systems. He calls this AIC - Appreciation, Influence and Control for the three universal powers at its core, whihc he writes about in his latest book, The Creative Power: Transforming Ourselves, Our Organizations and our World. Bill's applied the AIC process to large-scale complex projects, village development, and to the design of national and global system for orgnaizations such as The World Bank, the Unted Nations, Plexus Institute, Monstato Pharmacutical, British Airways, and in the Organizational Sciences Program of George Washington University among others.

Maxine Teller - Social Media and Creativity Panelist - Principal of MiXT Media Strategies, is a strategy and innovation consultant known for employing collaborative principles, leveraging innovation processes, and applying social technologies. Maxine developed and co-authored the Web 2.0/social networking policy for the US DOD's Chief Information Officer, and conceptualized and launched the Emerging Media Directorate. A thought leader in Government 2.0, collaboration and social media discourse, she pioneered Gov 2.0 Camp, the first unconference for Gov 2.0 leaders. Her blog, MiXT Media, explores the intersection of media, innovation, communication, society and technology. Clients have included XM Satellite Radio, Comcast Cable, The HealthCentral Network and Freewebs among others. Prior to MiXT Media Strategies, Maxine directed strategy and business development at Washingtonpost, Newsweek Interactive, co-founded startup StockGift.com and led global client teams through strategic innovation initiatives at IdeaScope Associates. She resides in Washington, DC with her husband and two children. @mixtmedia

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