Feedback from 2009 Conference

"It was a spectacular event - KUDOS!" ~ Halelly Azulay
"Awesome conference and awesome people!" ~ Tom Solomon
"That was an impeccable conference. Just the right mix of talent and information - very useful and a wonderful way to expand, learn and connect all at the same time. Awesome!" ~ Liz Lerner
"You put on one helofa of juicy conference, with high-calorie content. The sparks were flying!"
~ Michael Margolis

"It was like a waterfall for thirsty people. Many thanks from a re-hydrated, refreshed, and gladdened one."
~ J. Margaret Mattinson
"I had an awesome experience and look forward to the next one. Thanks, and congratulations on a wonderful event." ~ Howard Parrish
"This event keeps giving and giving...I feel very privileged to have been able to grow and expand my potential with a great group of creative people. I can't wait for the next one." ~ David McGraw
"It was a GREAT DAY!!! Wonderful speakers! An inspiring and renewing day surround it with fabulous people as well!" ~ Rosana Azar

"Awesome conference! Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this a great event!"
~ Janet Campbell 
"A superlative conference!" ~ Dr. Win Wenger
"The conference was exemplary. I overheard people saying it exceeded their expectations. Such a high level of intelligence and understanding of ways to be in and create a new culture for all...a great and mind blowing day!" ~ Kristy Simmons
"Kudos. Hope you're basking in the glow of a wildly successful conference. You attracted such quality people. It truly was an extraoridinary day." ~ Sam Horn
"Thanks for a wonderful conference. There were a lot of wonderful people there doing amazing work in the world." ~ Patricia DiVecchio
"It was a great conference. You should be proud." ~ Barbara Halpern
"This was one of the most engaging and authentic conferences that I’ve been to and I connected with loads of awesome people who also want to make a difference in business." ~ Jennifer Lee
"Thanks for the great conference...and for the three panels. Great job!" ~ Peggy Linden
"Love the high energy slide almost captures the high level of energy of the conference...but you HAD to be there to know the full value!" ~ Paul Scheele
"Congrats for an excellent event!" ~ Rasul Sha'ir
"Congratulations on a successful conference!" ~ Denise Davenport
"Congratulations for emerging such a special event!" ~ Monisha Mittal
"Fantastic. I loved watching the video as a great reminder and wonderful energy boost." ~ Renee Barnow

"I'm still smiling thinking about it!" ~ Russell Schoen

"Beautiful memories of a great day!" ~ Anthony Hyatt

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